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October 3, 2016

Welcome to Lost In Drama, an entertainment site devoted to period dramas and classic adaptations on screen. As well as reviews, you can expect news, retrospectives and fun features designed to please those who have dreamt of living in a different time in history.

But first, the toughest question – what does this site classify as a period drama? It would seem obvious, since period dramas are by their definition, narratives that either place an emphasis or are distinctly driven by the historical time in which they are set.

For a single website however, that’s quite a task to tackle head on. We could focus on an unimaginably huge number of films and tv shows, from the Roman Empire and the Elizabethans to the 80s-tribute Stranger Things that recently took Netflix by storm. It’s there that the issue lies- after all, a reviews site needs some method of definition.

The ultimate solution is to be deliberately limited (at least for the time being). As a result, Lost In Drama will have a focus on that traditional fare that people class as the epitome of period dramas, somewhere between Shakespeare through to the Regency era, the Victorians and emerging roughly at the end of the 1950s.

In other words, expect bards, corsets, bonnets, steam trains and tea-rooms. It’s not for everyone, but the majority of these periods of time are distant enough to have a definite sense of otherness for readers. That’s where the magic lies.

Secondly, the website content. As well as current reviews of whatever is gracing our screens, there are some features planned and retrospective reviews of classic period dramas. Since many of the best period dramas are based on classic novels too, there will be a special focus approximately every month, that looks at a single author and the historical dramatisations that their fiction inspired.

So go ahead, give the site a read and lose yourself in the new world of past history.

More about Jen Scouler

Jen Scouler is a magazine journalist, film critic and the founder of Lost In Drama. With degrees in both English Literature and Digital Journalism, she has experience of writing for popular print and online publications. Jen is also devoted to her metaphorical novelist aunties - Aunt Jane, Charlotte and Jo are particular favourites - and is usually found with an Earl Grey tea in hand.

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      Excellent website.
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