5 Things To Do Now That Poldark Is Finished For The Year

November 6, 2016

Season two of Poldark is over and the dark winter is setting in. What is there to brighten our Sundays now and feed our period drama addiction until Christmas? Don’t panic – you can revisit the romance and drama of everyone’s favourite BBC period drama with our five ‘essential’ ideas (we take no responsibility for any advice actually taken seriously).

  1. Buy a horse

Buy or borrow, everyone in Poldark has a horse. Be urgent like Ross as he gallops along the Cornish cliff, or trotaidan_turner_lied_about_riding_a_horse_to_win_poldark_role around like George Warleggan on a fancy hunter. Once in the saddle, it’ll be just like being in the show. NOTE: stabling, riding ability and a whole lot of care required.

2. Walk along a beach in a gown

Those people who go to the beach in wellies or sandals don’t know what they’re missing. Poldark‘s Demelza’s has the latest in beachwear glamour, and it’s called a gown. Swish through the water and let your cares, hangover, or the memories of a wandering husband, wash away.

41783. Invest in some fancy costumes

If it’s for you, dressing up in period costume is always fun. If you’re wanting to bring some of that period romance home, maybe even treat your partner to a fancy three-pronged hat. Some persuasion may be required for this one but lets face it, we do gawp a bit at this show. Ross even got a special shirt this season for traversing the mines, although I’m sure the producers would insist that the highly revealing v-neck was to protect against rocks.

4. Bake a pie108587579_warning_embargoed_for_publication_until_000001_on_20-09-2016_-_programme_name_poldark_-_tx-large_transbwjxtw86-68av9qfhoudsooxco2ycyglmijpuuu_piq

Trudy would approve of this one. Create a pie that Mary Berry would possibly eat (I know, no Poldark OR Bake Off!) and present it to friends or family proudly. Don’t worry if it doesn’t go quite to plan – you’ve just mislaid all your skillage.

5. Move on and find a new period drama addiction

Ok, you’ve dealt with your withdrawal and you’re ready to hang up your hat. Buckingham Palace may be a little fancier than the rustic Cornish coasts, but I can throughly recommend The Crown on Netflix. There’s also quite a few films coming up now that it’s Oscar season. Check out The Light Between Oceans and A United Kingdom when it arrives.

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