The Reveal of the Poldark Series 3 Teaser Trailer

November 7, 2016

It’s just 30 seconds long but there’s a lot to take in. The BBC sprung the exciting new trailer of Poldark series 3 right after we were reeling from the drama of the finale, and I know for many of us fans, we didn’t really have a chance to keep up!

Not to worry, you can re-watch, pause and rewind it in all its glory here:

So what do we know?

Demelza goes to the big city! Ross and Demelza look happy again (briefly)! Demelza finally gets her own shot on that darned horse she always has to share!

(Can you tell I’m a bit Demelza obsessed after her scene-stealing turn in series two?)

Beyond our Poldark heroine, there’s plenty of new characters to be intrigued by, including another dramatic romance. Aunt Agatha is still badass though, and it’s always nice to see Evil George look miserable. One person is missing: no sight of our lovely Doctor Ennis, sadly.

30 seconds just isn’t enough – bring on next autumn!

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