Silence: First Trailer Released For Martin Scorsese’s Much-Anticipated Period Drama

November 23, 2016

Martin Scorsese’s film Silence has taken a remarkable 26 years to be completed: a passion project, the famed director has been carefully planning this film epic for years. Based on a novel by Shusaku Endot, it’s a period drama set in the 17th century, that follows two devout Portugese priests as they travel to Japan.

Scorsese, who was raised a Roman Catholic, has always been fascinated by faith, and judging by the time and care taken, this film is clearly intended to be a monumental project in his career. It stars Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver as the young priests, whilst Liam Neeson plays Father Ferreira, their mysterious mentor.

Without reading the book, this is all we really know about the plot. If this 2-minute trailer is anything to go by however, Silence looks intense, dramatic and is likely to be a serious Oscar contender.

Check it out here:

Silence will have an initial limited release in the USA on December 21, 2016. The UK release date is still to be announced by Studiocanal, but it’s expected to be released before February.

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