Poldark Producers Optioning Historical Novels ‘The Lymond Chronicles’ For New Series

December 24, 2016

In exciting news for Poldark fans, producers Mammoth Screen have optioned historical novel series The Lymond Chronicles and will be pitching their ideas for an adaptation to top broadcasters. News revealed by the novelist’s fan society, the series has a strong fan following and promise pure romance with high drama and action.

Written by Dorothy Dunnett, The Lymond Chronicles comprises of six novels published from 1961 to 1975. It follows the story of a charismatic young Scottish nobleman, called Francis Crawford of Lymond, and is set in 16th century Europe. With the craze for Poldark confirming that there’s an audience for historical novel adaptations, as well as a healthy appetite for epic romance, Mammoth Screen clearly feel confident that they could have another hit show in the next few years.

Fans online have been nominating period drama favourite Tom Hiddleston for the romantic lead on forums for years now, with the eventual casting likely to be much anticipated. It’s also worth noting that other fans have mentioned that we can expect dramatic departures, going so far as to say that George R.R. Martin’s brutal fantasy novels are kind in comparison. A terrifying thought indeed.

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      1. Well spotted and thanks! I completely missed that news page, noted for the future. It’s definitely great news, sounds like it’s got great potential. Have a lovely Christmas!

    1. Holy batman I am BEYOND excited to think this might happen. Just last night, having finished ‘A Pawn in Frankincense’ and then watched an episode of Poldark I yet again wondered why oh why, (in the current climate for swashbuckling, romance-tinged, realistic period drama) no-one has attempted the Lymond Chronicles.

    1. Having read Lymond Chronicles, the House of Niccolò series and King Hereafter, I am thrilled Dorothy Dunnett will be brought to new readers and possibly TV viewers. Sadly, I am pretty sure she is the best historical fiction writer i’ll ever have the chance to read. Which brings a certain sadness when you finish the books (as many times as you read them). I am truly fearful of the ways they may change the script given how complex and challenging the books are, but I will have to put my faith in Dunnett fans to keep it close to her intentions. They are not shy.

    1. While I admire Tom Hiddleston and love his Henry V, I believe the years are slipping by and Hiddleston
      -as-Lymond’s ship has sailed. Might I suggest Tom Mison or even Rupert Friend ?

      1. Agreed, Tom Hiddleston is far too old to start playing Lymond. He’d do very well for Checkmate-era, but a good deal of the point of the early books is that Francis is so young.

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