This Week in Period Dramas – Sunday News Roundup 8th October 2017

October 8, 2017

It’s been a crazy week in the film industry but quieter in the smaller world of period dramas. For now, the BBC is largely dominating news announcements, with several upcoming shows to look forward to.

In the meantime, I’m just enjoying having so much to watch, and feeling guilty about not watching enough! Whoever has already seen Goodbye, Christopher Robin or has watched the first episode of The Last Post, you’re doing better than I am. Let me know in the comments if there’s anything else you think the site is missing! For now, get your tea and biscuits and let’s catch up.

Kit Harington will play his ancestor in Gunpowder

New BBC period drama Gunpowder starts on 21st October and star Kit Harington (Game of Thrones) is already working through his press interviews. This show has been a passion project for the actor, and he’s developed it from the initial idea.

The Telegraph has gone into his motivations in an interview this week – mainly, the revelation that Harington is a descendant of Robert Catesby, Gunpowder plot mastermind and the actor’s role in the new show. It’s an interesting read and gives a detailed introduction into the historical background of the drama.

BBC to make World War II drama titled World on Fire

It feels like every week brings with it a new BBC announcement but that can only be good things for us period drama fans! This week they’ve revealed that a seven-part series has been commissioned on the Second World War, called World on Fire. It will be written by Peter Bowker (The A Word, Desperate Romantics) and aims to tells a number of individual stories across both sides of the war.

World on Fire will be produced by Mammoth Screens, of Poldark and Victoria fame, and filming will start next year in locations across Europe. It’s likely to reach our screens in 2019, in time for the 80th anniversary of the start of the war.

New Australian period drama recruits actress Angourie Rice

Australian television is going to have quite a good couple of years coming up when it comes to period dramas. Not only is there an adaptation of historical fiction novel Picnic at Hanging Rock coming up, but another period film has been confirmed with Ladies in Black, based on Madeleine St John’s novel The Women in Black.

In even better news, breakout star Angourie Rice (The Nice Guys, The Beguiled) has been cast in the lead role of schoolgirl Lisa, who discovers a new perspective on life when she takes up a summer job at a glamorous Australian department store. The book is said to be uplifting and ‘feel-good’, a spirit that the film will hopefully capture too.

Jessie Buckley talks The Last Post and The Woman In White in a new interview

A favourite at Lost In Drama, Jessie Buckley is fantastic in every role she turns her hand to. Just as an example, she perfectly embodied the put-upon Marya in 2016’s War and Peace and pretty much rescued the BBC’s Taboo amongst an entertaining but muddled plot. In a new interview with The Guardian, Buckley talks her newest period drama roles as well as her previous work. It’s a great Sunday read.

Check in with us next Sunday for another news roundup.

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